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Animal Communication

Trust your intuition. Allow Susan to help you get to the heart of what your beloved pet needs to thrive with animal communication.

Animal Afterlife Communication

An opportunity for your animal to provide you with their experience of life, death, the spirit world, and profound insight for your healing process..

Lost and Missing

Has your animal not returned home? Are you worried they are lost and missing? Get the help you need to bring your animal friend home.


Animal Reiki

When you’re trying to alleviate physical pain, emotional distress, fear, chronic and acute illness, energy healing is an ideal solution.

Gain the Knowledge and Skills from Susan. Local group classes during the year.

Educational programs to help you re-connect with yourself, animals, and the world around you.

Animal Communication Classes

Learn to communicate with animals by developing your telepathic and intuitive abilities.


Animal Reiki Classes

Learn to heal and deepen your connection with people and your animal friends, and family.

Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners

Learn how to use your Reiki training with animals.

Reiki Classes for People

Learn practical ways to heal your family, friends, and yourself.

Awareness is Power

The greater your awareness, the greater your power.

Healing begins with understanding.

You see so much more in your animal’s eyes than “feed me, walk me, pet me.” Your beloved animal companion has a complex inner world – you are sure of it. And you also believe there’s a deeper mystery to be found in the human-animal bond – if only you could tap into it. Well, you can.

You can give your animal a voice.

When you hear your animal’s voice, you’re able to improve their health and behavior. When you truly understand what your animal is telling you, a whole new world opens for both of you.

Animal Communication changes lives.

Animal Communication bridges the gap between animals and humans. An experienced intuitive, Susan J. Squittieri brings her telepathic abilities and her deep healing wisdom to help you understand and deepen your relationship with your beloved animal companions.

Your journey may begin with an Animal Communication session, but the possibilities are endless.

In many instances, animals reflect what’s healthy and what’s troublesome in their environments and in their family network. A sensitive, compassionate healer for both animals and people, Susan is a guide and a source of support when you’re inspired to make positive changes in your own life too.

The human-animal relationship is at the heart of her work and serves as a portal to soul-level work that serves all.

Susan J. Squittieri is a gifted and multi-talented healer for animals and their people. An Animal Communicator, an Intuitive Counselor, a Certified Herbalist, and a Reiki Master, Susan’s work is an embodiment of the holistic model. She offers the remedies that serve the highest good for your animal companions, your family, and for you.

Open your world to Animal Communication

Hear your animals voice.


What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Her first priority is their well-being

For years, Susan has been a trusted resource for my animals. Susan is an exceptionally talented animal communicator whose rapport with other species is truly astonishing. Her warmth and compassionate style have brought healing and clarity into my relationships with my animals. I will always turn to Susan first for any of my animals needs. Her first priority is their well-being; she is needed in this world for gapping the bridge between humans and their animal companions.

Roni Taylor

Littleton, CO

She is compassionate and sympathetic

Susan helped me find my cat Rusty who was missing for one month. With two separate communications between her and Rusty, I was able to place him in an approximate location by using landmarks she had given me. Post signs everywhere – she told me. The person who was taking care of him saw the sign. Susan was also able to let me know of Rusty’s mental and physical well-being during this time. She is compassionate and sympathetic. This animal-loving family thanks you!

Linda S.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

She truly is amazing

Susan is a compassionate, caring, and honest person who has a wonderful gift. I have had many animal communication sessions with her for many different reasons. I have always received valuable insight that has helped me to understand my pets. Really knowing your pets makes it easier to care for them. Understanding why they do the things they do can take the frustration out of a situation. Susan has helped me to strengthen the bond I have with each of my pets. She can help you find the answers you seek.

Susan P.

Mahwah, NJ

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