Animal Afterlife Communication

Pet Psychic Mediums open communication and deliver messages between animals that passed on and those who loved them.

Animal Afterlife Communication with Pet Loss Grief Counseling

You can contact Animal Afterlife Communicator Susan J. Squittieri to ease the mourning process during your time of grief and loss. She’ll convey astonishing insights to your unanswered questions and validate that all is well.

Our pets offer unconditional love, support, and friendship. When they pass on, the pain of loss can be overwhelming. People seek Animal Afterlife Communication to connect with their beloved animals, heal from grief, and receive advice or guidance.

Just knowing their animal friend is safe and at peace and loving them from the other side encourages the healing pathway.

Sessions with Susan are an opportunity for two-way communication. She gives people a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with their beloved animal companion; ask questions; resolve issues, and relay any messages or sentiments. She provides the animal in-spirit with the same opportunity to convey their experience of life, death, and the spirit world. For the household animals left behind, Susan helps them understand what has happened and asks what their needs are so they can start healing too.

As a Reiki Master, Susan moves people and animals towards a space of peace and wholeness. Her Animal Afterlife Communication sessions include Reiki Energy Medicine to support you in your grief. This support accelerates your healing process.

Scheduling an Animal Afterlife Communication session with Susan will provide you, your family, and animals with comfort and closure.

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Need Further Explanation? Click here for an in-depth explanation of What is Animal Communication to learn more about the wonders of this healing art and how you and your animal family and friends can benefit.

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Animal Afterlife Communication Pricing and Plans.

Phone Sessions

Find the comfort and closure after loss.

Single 75-Minute Animal Afterlife Communication + Reiki Support Phone Session

Each 75-minute Animal Afterlife Communication session is provided over the phone. While Susan may adjust the process to support your individual needs, you can expect:

  • 45 minutes of animal communication with your in-spirit companion animal and up to 2 animals struggling with their loss
  • at 45 minutes, you’ll get off the phone for 15 minutes while Susan sends distance Reiki energy healing
  • Susan will call you back after the 15 minutes to share additional messages and insights that may have come through during the Reiki healing session.
  • You’ll also receive further recommendations based on Susan’s intuitive guidance and what resonates with your healing process. Recommendations may include therapies such as Reiki, Intuitive Counseling, herbs and basic nutrition, bodywork, and educational programs to help you on your healing path

Fee: 75-minute session: 155
* After making online payment, contact Susan directly via telephone to schedule

Three Animal Afterlife Communication + Reiki Support Phone Session Package

Many clients feel that they want and need more than a single session for the healing process.

A series of sessions gives you an opportunity to find comfort and closure so that you can find peace with the loss of your beloved companion and best friend.

With this comprehensive communication and Reiki support package, you’ll have three 75-minute phone sessions.

Fee: 3 Session Package: 435… (includes package discount)…145/session

* Package must be paid for at once.
* Package is valid for six months from the date of purchase. Sessions can be used as needed.
* After making online payment, contact Susan directly via telephone to schedule

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Messages from Rusty

My name is Lisa. I lost my beloved pet, Rusty this year and had contacted Susan to connect with him. Once our session began our connection was immediate. Susan relayed messages from him and answered questions that I had. Throughout the session Susan was very empathetic and caring. She also suggested that I record the session which remains priceless to me. During the session the name MARK arouse, but I do not know a MARK. Days later I encountered a MARK and thereafter came across a dog of a friend of my husband’s. The dog acted so much like my Rusty and was very loving with me. It’s owner commented that she never saw her dog respond to anyone like that before. I feel that this encounter with this dog was a message from Rusty letting me know that he was ok. And I did come across the name MARK a couple of times thereafter and whenever I do here it now, I associate it with Rusty sending me a message. I was so thrilled that I told Susan of my encounter. She is always willing to listen and be there which is very comforting!

Lisa R.

Upstate New York

Reaching out to Susan was a godsend

I was suffering and grieving from a few great losses. Tragically my girl Jewel passed with no warning less than three weeks after losing my boy Kodi, she was not sick and was her sweet adorable, loving self as always that day. Devastation was an understatement. Reaching out to Susan was a godsend. She not only gave me the peace and connection I so needed and craved but also the guidance and direction from my furry guardian angels that helped me get thru such a painful time and begin to make sense of it to move forward. Her compassion and intuition along with her rare and special gifts have had me reaching out to her time and time again.

Dawn McM.

Catskill, NY

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