FAQs about Animal Communication

Learn more about Susan’s gifts and Animal Communication FAQs.

Many people have questions about Animal Communication. Susan offers answers to several of the most common queries.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m an animal communicator, I can talk with animals, and I serve as an interpreter between you and your animals. I can help you better understand the behaviors and needs of your animal family and friends. I also serve as a medium because I’m able to communicate with the spirits of animals who are no longer living in the physical form.

What is animal communication?

Essentially, it’s energy work. All living and non-living creation is composed of energy. Humans and animals are energetic beings. We contain a vibrational frequency or energetic signature pattern that is unique to us. As an animal communicator, I “tune in” to the animal’s energetic signature.

How do you connect with an animal you’ve never met?

I can tune in in many ways: through the sound of your voice, use of written names, a photograph, an article belonging to the animal, or by just looking at the animal. This information functions a little like the call letters of a radio station—tuning into the animal is like tuning into a radio station to hear their song being broadcast.

Do you talk with animals?

Many people who live with animals can tell a lot about what’s going on simply by observing their behavior over time, but animal communication is more than reading body language.

Animal communication is a two-way telepathic and intuitive conversation. I mentally send and receive thoughts and images, and experience the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an animal.

I communicate with all animals using four main pathways of my natural intuitive abilities.

Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” also known as mind to mind communication, mental telepathy, or telepathic communication. I’m able to receive an intuitive impression from sounds that are not heard by others. I can hear the voices of your animal, his/her higher self, spirit guides and spiritual healing team in my head.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” I will see flashes of images, people, animals, places, symbols, colors, numbers, and sometimes movie-like projections in my mind’s eye (not the naked eye). Your animal and I will be sending and receiving visual images.

Clairsentience is a gift of “clear feeling.” I’m an empath, which means I can sense and feel the energies in my surroundings in-person or from a distance and pick up on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an animal, the family network and dynamics, and the environment your animal lives in.

Claircognizance, or “clear knowing,” is the ability to know something is true without knowing how or why you know it to be true.

In addition to the four main pathway’s, I can also intuitively smell (clairolfaction), taste (clairgustation), and pick up an item belonging to a person or animal and see, feel, hear, and know things about them (psychometry).

Because I have medium abilities and can communicate with the spirit world, I can sense any energetic disruptions or disharmony in your household or the land you reside on, caused by spiritual attachments or earthbound spirits or entities that are effecting you, your animals, or family members.

How do you “translate” the information you get from my animal?

After I make an energetic connection with your animal companion, I automatically put any information I’m receiving into words. Sometimes I’ll tell you what I’m seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing when I’m not sure how to put something into words.

Do you work in the presence of the animal or from a distance?

Because we’re all energy, time and space aren’t relevant to telepathic and intuitive communication. It’s an energetic exchange of thoughts, feelings, and knowings. So sessions can be done in person at your home or from a distance by phone. There is no difference in quality and I have no preference.  It’s up to you. See travel policy for house calls.

What is an animal communication session like?

Before I begin a session I take time to ground, center, and protect my energy by calling in my spiritual healing team. When the session begins, I ask that you state aloud your first and last name and your animal companion’s name.  I then initiate contact and ask for permission to communicate with your animal, your animal’s higher self, and his or her spiritual healing team. I also ask that the session is for the highest and greatest good of all beings involved.

Once I have permission to communicate I pick up on the personality of your animal and relay any messages your animal may have for you.  We then proceed with questions to ask your animal and I translate the answers to you.

Will my animal know that you are communicating with him?

Yes.  During a session you may notice that your animal companion will settle down and become quiet, enter the room when the session begins, or even pay close attention to you while you’re on the phone with me.

What questions should I ask?

Let me start by saying no question is stupid. You can ask any questions you want.  It’s just like talking with a person. I’m basically giving your animal a voice. It does help to prepare your list of questions before your session so you can put some thought into what you would like to ask your animal companion.  I can also improvise from your questions and the answers your animal provides.

During your session, you may take notes or use a recording device.  Once the connection is made and the information begins to flow, it may be difficult for you to remember everything and after the session your imagination may settle in.

Does my animal companion have to be in the same room with me during our session?

No. If your animal companion is not in the same room with you, it will not affect the energetic connection or quality of the session.

Can you tell if I have had past lives with my animal companion?

Yes. I can also ask if they plan to reincarnate or if they have returned. You will KNOW if your animal companion has returned to you! Listen to your heart urgings and follow your soul’s knowing and intuition.

Can you communicate with animals that are in spirit?

Yes, I can. Remember, humans and animals are energetic beings. Communicating with animals that are in spirit is essentially the same as communicating with those who are physically present. Physics -and psychics- tell us that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is transformed from one form to another. When an animal has crossed over, the spirit hasn’t died, it has transformed.

How can an in-spirit communication session help me with grieving the loss of my animal?

An in-spirit animal communication session with your beloved animal companion can bring about comfort, closure, and healing for both you and other animals you may have.

Your animal may have wise words of advice to help you during your grieving process. And I can relay everything that you have always wanted to say to your beloved animal companion, but might never have been able to express. You can ask questions that were never answered and say goodbye.

A session with an in-spirit animal can also help animals in the living deal with the loss because I can explain to them what has happened and pass along messages to and from them as well.

I offer specialized Animal Afterlife Communication sessions and would be honored to support you during this difficult time.

How can an animal communication session help me and my animal companion?

A session can bring understanding on a level you might never have thought possible. It often brings insight into how your animal companion is feeling and thinking—which can be a lot different from your own perceptions!

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