Healing Services for Animals

Susan’s Healing Services for Animals Support Your Companion’s Health & Well-Being at Every Level.

Animal Healing Services

Animal healing services and alternative healing services for animals appears to be increasing and rightfully so.

Your animal companions are an integral part of your life. They are friends, companions, and beloved family members with whom you share your heart and your home. They depend on you completely for their health and well-being.

And so, you offer them the best possible care. A good diet, regular check ups, exercise, and so much love. What if they seem to need something more?

Your animal companions are beautiful, complex creatures. They often need more than “the basics” to sustain health and well-being.

Just as you realize you need to consider the body-mind-spirit dimensions of healing for yourself, you understand that your animals will benefit from a holistic approach too.

Animal Communication is at the heart of all of Susan’s work. She also offers specialized healing services for animals including Reiki and Herbal Consultations to address the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of your beloved companions.

Explore these healing options for your animal companion and learn how you can support their health and happiness.

Animal Communication

Your animals can’t speak, but they can be given a voice.

Animal Communication sessions enable you to understand your animal’s thoughts and feelings so you can help alleviate pain, solve behavioral issues, and improve relationships between all beings in your household.

These sessions can also offer comfort and closure after a dear animal has passed or give you valuable information about a lost or missing animal companion.

Learn more about how Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri can deepen your relationship with your animal companion.

Reiki Energy Healing for Animals

When you’re trying to alleviate physical pain, emotional distress, fear, chronic and acute illness, energy healing is an ideal solution.

Susan practices Reiki, a gentle, non-invasive energy that restores strength and vitality. Reiki balances the entire system to bring about health and well being.

Discover how Animal Reiki can support your animal  through distance or in-person sessions.

Herbal Counseling for Animals

For anything from minor annoyances to major health issues, holistic nutrition care can make all the difference in your animal’s quality of life.

Susan can recommend an individualized regimen of herbs, supplements, and natural foods to prevent and relieve the ailments that are becoming increasingly common in our animal companions.

Learn how Animal Herbal Counseling can help you support your animal and set up a session for proper guidance.


Susan J. Squittieri of Two Bear Healing Arts, LLC is not a licensed veterinarian, physician or mental health counselor, and her services do not involve diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing for physical or mental dis-ease conditions.

Susan is educated and certified in alternative health modalities that support the health and well-being for both animals and people.  For the diagnosis or treatment of dis-ease, please consult a licensed medical professional or licensed veterinarian.

Any information, communication, or consultations with Susan J. Squittieri or via the website twobearhealingarts.com are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated.

Additionally, her services are not a substitute for medical, business, legal, financial, and or psychological advising.  Susan accepts no responsibilities for any actions and or decisions a client chooses to make based on their consultation.

Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive and/or purchase a session or service.

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