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Herbal Counseling for Animals

The natural way to enhance your animals life.

Diabetes, cancer, and liver and kidney problems. Not long ago these “human” ailments and conditions were unheard of in our animal companions, but now they’re commonplace. And they’re difficult to treat. You may want to consider Animal Herbal Counseling.

Adding herbs, supplements, and natural foods into your animal companion’s diet can help prevent these illnesses or lessen their severity after a diagnosis.

This holistic approach is just as helpful in the more typical animal issues like skin problems and infections.

The main advantage is that herbs and proper nutrition can be helpful for a number of ailments without chemicals that could have side effects.

As part of a comprehensive animal herbal counseling session Certified Herbalist Susan J. Squittieri educates and guides you to create a holistic nutrition program to maintain or improve your animal’s wellness.

Discover how Animal Herbal Counseling can support your animal’s health needs. 

What does an Herbalist do and how can she help your companion animal?

An Herbalist is a non-medical practitioner who recommends herbs to stimulate the body’s innate healing power and to maintain health.

Medicinally, an herb is any plant part or plant used for its therapeutic value. Herbs can help correct imbalances in the body and resolve the symptoms that are troubling your animal.

Just as they do for people, herbs offer your animal companions a wide range of safe, effective, natural therapeutic agents that can be used as an integral part of your animals health care program.

Susan also makes recommendations about general dietary habits and will consult with you on how other supplements may affect your animal’s well-being.

Common conditions that are alleviated or healed thanks to herbal remedies:
  • skin problems
  • dull hair or hair loss
  • ear infections
  • body odor
  • chronic itching, chewing, licking
  • bad breath
  • eye problems
  • over/under weight
  • digestive issues
  • lethargy/low energy
  • joint pain
  • urinary tract infections
  • frequent infections
  • stress

Herbs can support the healing process for ailments from A-Z.

Additionally, herbs can support the healing process and make an animal more comfortable during major health crises.

Why consider herbs, supplements, and natural foods for your animal

Because proper diet, nutrition, and herbal and vitamin supplementation offer a safe, effective and natural way to help your animal companion lead a healthier and happy life.

The benefits of herbs, supplements, and natural foods include:

  • A strengthened immune system
  • Increased life span
  • Improved level of health and vitality that you’ll notice almost immediately
  • Better quality of life
  • The alleviation of side effects from conventional therapies
  • Cost savings as you avoid unnecessary veterinarian bills, preventable surgeries, and long term conventional therapies that only treat the symptoms
  • A chance to address issues when they are minor rather than life-threatening
  • Long term health support

This is your chance to support your animal’s health needs.

Animal Herbal Counseling Session Pricing and Plans

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Susan offers her Animal Herbal Counseling services via telephone nationwide.

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Susan improved Layla’s quality of life

It all started with an animal communication session with Susan. She had done a few sessions for me because my dogs health had been declining. My vet was unable to diagnose a condition and had no recommendations for me to improve my dogs health. I felt extremely alone with no where to turn. That’s when I contacted Susan for an animal communication session to see how Layla was feeling and if she had any suggestions. Layla told Susan that she was tired all the time and that her stomach hurt after she ate. Based on what Layla told Susan, Susan suggested that I schedule an herbal session with her. I’m happy to say that following Susan’s recommendations has improved Layla’s quality of life. She has more spunk and seems much happier. It took about 4 months to see a remarkable difference, and I believe it is because of Susan. I’m forever grateful that she was able to talk with my dog and figure out what to do to make her feel better. Thank you so much Susan for being a light that shines in the darkness.

Robin C.

Central New York

She helped Roxy get better

Susan has been helping me get my dog’s health back on track. Roxy was fatigued, her breath smelled, and her hair dull. At first I was scared and didn’t know what to think since her vet said her blood work and exam showed no sign of disease. When I initially spoke with Susan she explained that these are common health problems and that Roxy’s health can be brought back into balance through herbal supplements and food. So far we have made good progress with her help. Susan is always willing to share her knowledge and answer any questions I have. She listens and is very professional. I highly recommend her as an alternative to or alongside traditional veterinary medicine.

Janet P.

Hackensack, NJ

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