FAQs about Animal Reiki Sessions

Learn more about Susan’s experience with giving Reiki to animals and Animal Reiki FAQs.

Many people have questions about Animal Reiki. Susan offers answers to several of the most common queries.

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Why do you offer an Animal Reiki home or at your location visits?

Animals are able to relax and receive Reiki much more successfully when they are comfortable and in their own environment. Some animals experience nausea, anxiety, and stress when riding in cars or being in unfamiliar territory. That added stress is the last thing you’d want to impose on an animal that is not feeling well, is elderly or injured, or is in the death and dying process.

Susan offers on-site Animal Reiki sessions at her location for animals that travel well and are comfortable in all environments.

What does an Animal Reiki session look like?

Sometimes your animal will stay in one place during a session. While they lay on the floor, in their bed, or stand in pasture, Susan will place her hands in specific positions on or above their body. She may even sit a few feet away from your animal if they do not allow her to touch them. Since this is not massage, there is no manipulation of the muscles or flesh.

What if my animal will not sit still during the session?

Your animal doesn’t need to lie quietly to receive the benefits of Reiki.

Some animals might enjoy the Reiki energy in short spurts and will get up and move away before coming back for more.

Others are excitable and you might not expect them to lie down at all. Most often, a particularly active animal will greet Susan and then go back to their usual antics for a while before settling in to receive Reiki – it usually takes about five minutes.

Some animals will hide initially. But, after Susan communicates with them telepathically and starts to send Reiki energy, they will come out.

What will an Animal Reiki session feel like for my animal?

The Animal Reiki experience is unique for each animal but feelings of deep relaxation are common. Many animals smile, yawn, lick or kiss, roll over to offer their belly, stretch, or fall asleep when receiving Reiki. Basically, they simply relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling because they feel better.

How many Animal Reiki sessions should my animal have?

Each animal’s needs are different. Results can be seen immediately or within a day or two depending on the situation. Sometimes it is necessary to do several consecutive sessions in a short period of time to receive the maximum benefit. During your initial consultation, Susan will recommend an Animal Reiki plan that will help you achieve your wellness goal.

Can Animal Reiki be done from a distance?

Yes, it can. Because Reiki is energy and not limited to time or space, it can be offered in-person or from a distance. The energy is equally effective in both instances. Distance Reiki offers the same benefits as an in-person session and is for animals that are easily stressed, do not travel well, are elderly, ill, injured, or in the death and dying process, at a veterinary hospital/clinic or boarding facility, or comfortable in their own environment.

I can also send Distance Reiki to situations, circumstances, and specific events.

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