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Why Choose Reiki Energy Medicine for Your Companion Animal?

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy balancing technique that can benefit any animal. It is safe, effective, and can do no harm.

Animal Reiki acts on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies and releases the imbalances that create dis-ease. When an animal’s energy is balanced and flowing self-healing becomes possible.

Animals respond quickly to Reiki energy and you’re able to see positive changes almost immediately. Addressing the root cause of acute or chronic conditions, Animal Reiki can be used as preventative or maintenance care for existing problems.

Animal Reiki is a wonderful addition to any health program and can be used alongside other complementary therapies or conventional medicine. It’s important to note that Reiki is not a replacement for appropriate medical care. Instead, it supports medical care by accelerating self-healing, reducing pain or discomfort, and stimulating the body’s innate healing process.

Because Reiki is energy, it is not bound by time or space, it can be offered in-person or from a distance and is equally effective in both instances.

Discover how Animal Reiki can support your animal’s physical and emotional health.

Animal Reiki Benefits our Animal Companions on So Many Levels
  • Animal Reiki works by creating a relaxation response so the body can heal itself.
  • it speeds recovery from surgery, injury, and illness.
  • and gives energy to the animal so that it can heal faster by working on the true cause of the problem.
  • Animal Reiki eases emotions such as fear, anxiety, aggression, and depression, and helps alleviate behavior issues.
  • it also helps to heal the physical body by decreasing pain, providing comfort, and decreasing stress and nervousness.
  • Animal Reiki also heals the spirit, bringing animals back to a state of trust and connection, giving a sense of purpose and building their confidence with other animals and people.
  • it can also balance and heal past and present traumas.
  • Animal Reiki is a safe complement to other complementary animal therapies or conventional veterinary medicine.
  • it  can also reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, support an acupuncture treatment, and enhance the effects of flower essences.
  • Animal Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy balancing system that supports your animal companion during their dying process and eases their transition.
Why do clients call Susan to give Reiki Healing to their Animal Companions?

Susan offers Animal Reiki sessions in single sessions or part of an ongoing package. She does distance phone sessions nationwide and in-person sessions on-site at her location, and house calls in and around Valley Cottage, NY.

There are no limitations. Reiki can soothe and calm your animal during stressful situations or events. These are a few examples.

Clients book a session with Susan when they’re dealing with:

  • Emotional and behavioral issues
  • Health related issues
  • Trauma
  • their beloved animals death and dying process
  • Illness or injury
  • Preoperative and post operative care
  • Preventative and maintenance care
  • Family structural changes – including divorce, new baby, moving, new animal, death
  • Learning and training sessions
  • the birthing process – including whelping and post-birth and weaning period
  • A visit to the vet’s office or the groomer
  • Overnight boarding at a kennel
  • Bad weather
  • Traveling and transportation
Discounted Sessions for Terminally Ill Animals

Susan offers discounted session fees for Animal Reiki if your animal has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Please consider a phone session or house call for the well-being and comfort of your beloved companion.

Animal Communication is included in ALL terminal Animal Reiki sessions so your animal can communicate their needs and desires, express what they are thinking and feeling- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to help you and your animal deal with the death and dying process.

Contact Susan or call 845.512.8389 to learn how Susan can help you help your animal feel comfortable during their transition.

Animal Reiki Session Pricing and Plans

Get information about Animal Reiki pricing and plans, and book your session.

Susan offers her Animal Reiki services via telephone nationwide and house calls in and around Valley Cottage, NY and surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut including: Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Passaic, Bergen, Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield.

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Less anxious and more trusting

Very calm and patient, Susan truly has a gift when it comes to animals. A dog named Sally that I had adopted from a local shelter 5 months prior to our session was still having a difficult time adjusting to her new home with me. Susan helped to communicate Sally’s needs to me and was able to help her to feel more comfortable. Susan also did 3 distant Animal Reiki sessions. Since then, Sally has become less anxious and is more trusting of me. Outstanding work and I would highly recommend Susan.

Karen W.

Philadelphia, PA

Behavioral Improvements

I have to laugh at how excited Tonka gets when Susan arrives. He literally throws himself at her and lays on her lap, well half on her lap. It’s like he knows she is there to make him feel better. Tonka has had several sessions and I do see improvements with his behavior. I recommend Susan, she is a natural with animals.

Vicki J.

Pearl River, NY

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