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Need help moving forward? Intuitive Counseling. What to do when you don’t know what to do!

You feel stuck. You’re struggling with major challenges or feel you’re at a crossroads. Something is blocking you from experiencing the joyful, awakened life that you long to enjoy.

You’ve been trying to make changes and understand what’s really going on by talking to friends and trying to solve your problems on your own, but you just can’t seem to make any progress.

It’s time to look at your life – past, present, and future – from a new perspective. An Intuitive Counseling session with Susan J. Squittieri can help.

In addition to giving you vital information about what’s really happening on the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane, Susan offers the energetic support of Reiki to clear those limiting beliefs that keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Discover how Intuitive Counseling will bring you unparalleled healing and insight.

What an Intuitive Counseling Session can do for you.

As an Intuitive Counselor, Susan is different from a psychic. A psychic tells you about your past and your future based on the path you’re on right now.

An Intuitive Counselor like Susan draws from soul-level resources and offers holistic support to truly understand and solve your problems. Not only does she receive intuitive “hits” and psychic insights that reveal and illuminate your life’s path, she also offers you healing and energy balancing to enable you to make positive changes in your life.

Susan tunes into your Higher Self and works with your entire “spiritual healing team” to help you make sense of your past and discover how you can make your dreams a reality.

She does more than answer your questions or relay the information coming from your guides and from Spirit. Using her skills as a Reiki Master, Susan supports you as you dive deep into your own awareness. You will be empowered to make informed decisions about your own future.

Be sure to read the FAQs about Intuitive Counseling page to learn more about the process.

When is the right time to contact an Intuitive Counselor?

Susan helps you work through lifelong struggles and concerns and can also help you navigate new crises that seem to be knocking your life off course.

Contact Susan when you have questions about:

  • Intimate and non-intimate relationships
  • Family
  • Business and career path
  • Financial concerns
  • Health issues
  • Spiritual and personal growth

You’ll get the most from an Intuitive Counseling session or a sequence of sessions with Susan when you are someone who:

  • wants to be excited about life and its possibilities
  • wishes to learn something new about yourself
  • desires validation that you’re on the right path
  • wants to find out how to stop getting in your own way
  • seeks to awaken and deepen your consciousness
  • desires to gain hope and confidence, with practical ways to move forward in the real world
  • is ready to heal and move forward into a bright future
  • wants to use practical and spiritual guidance for personal relationships and major decisions
Intuitive Counseling Sessions and Plans

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Susan offers her Intuitive Counseling services via telephone nationwide.

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Spot On

I talked to Susan many times – 1st when my beautiful cat Hallie disappeared. She told me exactly where she was but I was so distraught I didn’t “see” it until it was too late, and the people wouldn’t give her back. I have also had intuitive counseling for me with her a couple of times, and she is always straight forward and pretty much spot on. I would highly recommend her for either one. I have never met her, only talked to her on the phone, but, in my mind, she is a beautiful person.

Chirsta M.

Fort Worth, Texas

Right on Target 

I have had 2 intuitive readings with Susan. One was for my precious cat Pharaoh, which brought us closer, and helped me to understand him better. The other was for me. Both of the readings were informative, emotional, and right on target in giving me the tools that were needed to move forward on my journey. Thank You Susan for your help and support!

Regina F.

Valley Cottage, NY

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