Lost and Missing Animals

An Animal Communicator like Susan is an ideal ally when you have a lost and missing animal companion.

Lost and Missing Animal CompanionHaving a lost and missing animal companion is a very stressful and emotional situation for the animal and their human family. An animal communicator like Susan J. Squittieri is an ideal ally to have during this difficult time.

Using her telepathic and intuitive abilities, Susan talks directly with your animal and receives information from their perspective about their physical and emotional well-being, their location and situation. She can sense whether they are alive or in-spirit and what caused them to disappear. When she telepathically and intuitively connects to your animal she gathers clues that will help you find them and she also offers healing support to help your animal feel safe and even return home on their own.

Susan might be able to offer helpful information that will lead to your animal’s recovery. In this 75-minute Animal Communication and Reiki Session Susan will help uncover all possible clues that reveal your companion’s whereabouts.  She also supports you and your animal with healing and energy balancing.

Susan can only offer guidance based on the animal’s perspective and intuitive “hits” she receives.  With over 10 years experience, Susan has helped many people recover lost animals, but in some cases she was not successful.

Susan offers Lost and Missing Animal Companion sessions by telephone nationwide.


Scheduling a Lost and Missing Animal Companion session may lead to your animal’s recovery.  Schedule a session and help your animal find their way home.

Be sure to read the Scheduling Policy & Details page and FAQs about Animal Communication.

Contact Susan for a complimentary 15 minute phone session to discover how a Lost and Missing Animal Companion session can help you locate your animal and bring them home.

Single 75-Minute Lost & Missing Animal Phone Session

While Susan may adjust the process to support your individual needs, a typical Lost and Missing Animal phone session includes:

  • 30-45 minutes of animal communication that includes personal coaching
  • You’ll get off the phone for 15 minutes while Susan sends distance Animal Reiki energy healing
  • Susan will call you back with messages and insights she receives during the healing session (15 minutes)
  • 15 minute follow up session to check in, after you have spent 3-5 days following the clues provided and if you still have not found your animal.

Fee: 75-Minute Session: 155

Once you have made payment, you will receive an email directing you to contact Susan to book your appointment.