Herbal Counseling Client Testimonials

Herbal Counseling Client TestimonialsWith Much Love and Gratitude

Thank you so very much for the kind words and generous support you have been giving me. I am very grateful! I love what I do and it brings me great joy and happiness to know that I have made a positive difference in your lives.


Much love and appreciation,

Kind Words of Herbal Counseling Clients -People

Susan is a skilled Reiki practitioner as well as a knowledgeable herbalist. I had received Reiki with her several times and it worked well and I got excellent results. Her herbal counseling intake was very detail-oriented and I felt her enthusiasm for helping people. I strongly recommend her if you are looking for an herbalist with a special touch.


Mary H., Tarrytown, NY

Susan, the pleasure was all mine. You were so thorough and this truly impressed me. I’ve seen a vast amount of doctors and the time you spent with me, added to your thoroughness proved to me that you really wanted to get to the root cause and not just recommend products. I thank you for that. I went out and bought the herbs you recommended. I was blessed by finding someone at the store that was knowledgeable and has actually written a few books on herbs and such. I already started on them. I will be in touch with you next week. Thank you again for all your help.


Lulu M., New York State

My husband had been struggling with indigestion and stomach pain for 2 years.  The doctors could not help him and prescribed medication. Medication was not the long term route Richard wanted to take so, we talked about alternative therapy and both agreed to contact Susan.   Susan’s approach was very professional and thorough. She set Richard up on an herbal and dietary program with several phases.  He also had to make some pretty drastic changes in his life-style. After following Susan’s recommendations for 6 months, Richard has successfully controlled his indigestion and has had no recurrences. Both Richard and I thank Susan for improving our quality of life!


Julie & Richard W., Orange County, New York

Susan has been nothing but professional and knowledgeable from the beginning.  I first went to her when I received a diagnosis of osteoporosis from my doctor at the young age of 49. I also was told my asthma was worsening and I was in danger because I was using an Albuterol inhaler too often.  I did not want to go the conventional route of taking pharmaceuticals for the Osteoporosis. I had also been to holistic doctors in the past and ended up spending so much money on tests and supplements which didn’t seem to do much. I wanted to be healed and was intrigued by psychic healing but wasn’t sure if it could help me so I called Susan about scheduling a Reiki session. After listening to my situation, she said I might want to schedule an herbal session first to get my health in order and then we could always add Reiki to it.


I had heard about Susan when she was doing Pet Psychic readings at our local pet supply store. A friend who had gotten a reading for her pet (very accurate I might add) told me that Susan also does many other things, such as, teach animal communication courses and Animal and Human Reiki, as well as performs it and is an Herbalist, all of which interested me. Anyway, she put me on an herbal protocol and after a very short period of time I started noticing some benefits. First of all, I went from using my Asthma inhaler 2-3 times a day to once or not needing it at all in a 24 hr period, which is huge! Also, in the second phase of the program I noticed that I no longer needed coffee throughout the day to elevate my mood and take me out of depression! Susan said this was because the herbs I am taking support my adrenal glands which were creating an imbalance in my hormones  due to the damage that was done for years from chemicals in my poor diets (in between my healthy diets) and environmental toxins, etc. I now drink coffee if I want to, not because I have to! I’m only in the second phase of the program and I have to say those two benefits alone are well worth it! I’m looking forward to the continued benefits and the overall state of health I will be in.  Also I love the supplements and teas. They are all very palatable and actually enjoyable! And they are reasonably priced from the company recommended by Susan. Her fees are also extremely reasonable! I also did a Reiki session with her which gave me great awareness about specific things I need to work on. Susan Is a true healer!


Carolyn B., Northern New Jersey

I have been getting herbal counseling from Susan for a chronic yeast condition that has plagued me for over 5 years. She is an excellent listener and took a very thorough history of my health. She educates and communicates the programs process, her thoughts on overall health and at home herbal techniques very clearly.  I know that working with Susan is leading to healing, rather than just treating symptoms.  I would highly recommend her!


Toni R., Palisades, NY

Susan is a true healer. As a client you will feel listened to, respected and honored. I worked with Susan during a very difficult and painful time in my life.  Her Reiki sessions and herbal program addressed my depression, stress, and anxiety and helped me immensely!  I always felt safe in Susan’s hands- not once did I feel judged.  I would recommend Susan to anyone seeking solace from the storm! She’s a good soul with a big heart : )


Kaye L., Old Tappan, NJ

A friend recommended I call Susan to help me with my gastro-intestinal problems. She is very professional.   Susan explained to me that digestive problems are the most common problems seen by herbalists and that it would take some time and effort to resolve. The program Susan put me on combine’s herbs, dietary changes, and exercise recommendations. I’ve been working with Susan for a few months with great results. Thank you Susan for helping me feel better.


Patrick M., New City, NY

Kind Words of Animal Herbal Counseling Clients

Susan has been helping me get my dog’s health back on track. Roxy was fatigued, her breath smelled, and her hair dull.  At first I was scared and didn’t know what to think since her vet said her blood work and exam showed no sign of disease. When I initially spoke with Susan she explained that these are common health problems and that Roxy’s health can be brought back into balance through herbal supplements and food.  So far we have made good progress with her help.  Susan is always willing to share her knowledge and answer any questions I have. She listens and is very professional. I highly recommend her as an alternative to or alongside traditional veterinary medicine.


Janet P., Hackensack, NJ

It all started with an animal communication session with Susan.  She had done a few sessions for me because my dogs health had been declining. My vet was unable to diagnose a condition and had no recommendations for me to improve my dogs health. I felt extremely alone with no where to turn.  That’s when I contacted Susan for an animal communication session to see how Layla was feeling and if she had any suggestions.  Layla told Susan that she was tired all the time and that her stomach hurt after she ate.  Based on what Layla told Susan, Susan suggested that I schedule an herbal session with her. I’m happy to say that following Susan’s recommendations has improved Layla’s quality of life.  She has more spunk and seems much happier.  It took about 4 months to see a remarkable difference, and I believe it is because of Susan.  I’m forever grateful that she was able to talk with my dog and figure out what to do to make her feel better.  Thank you so much Susan for being a light that shines in the darkness.


Robin C.,  Central New York

Susan, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get Clancy’s health back on track.  He has really calmed down with scratching.  After following your guidance, I will never put my dog on antibiotics or steroids unless 100% necessary. Your program is simple, easy, and effective!  I thank you so much!

The Farley Family,  Northern New Jersey