What is Animal Communication Healing Arts?

Going Beyond Words: What Is Animal Communication Healing Arts and How It Can Help the Emotional and Physical Health of Your Animal Family Members 

It refers to the practice of using various methods of communication and energy healing techniques to facilitate healing and well-being for animals. It involves connecting with animals on a deep level and using intuition, telepathy, empathy, and other forms of nonverbal communication to understand their needs, emotions, and experiences.

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Animal Communicators, also known as Pet Psychics, Pet Mediums, and Animal Telepaths, can telepathically and intuitively connect with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals to uncover sources of discomfort, dis-ease, bad habits, and behaviors. Animal telepathy also discovers how an animal feels about the world around them, their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires, sense of humor, wisdom, and purpose in our lives.

Animals, like highly intuitive humans, have this innate ability to communicate telepathically by direct feeling, mental imagery, and thought transfer – animal telepathy doesn’t require any spoken words. You don’t even have to be in the presence of an animal to do this. Nothing is controlling or invasive about the session. The animal healer respectfully asks the animal to connect and engage in a two-way telepathic and intuitive conversation, energetically. Then the human guardian or caregivers receive insights from the in-person or long-distance session to support the pet’s healing process. This process establishes a feeling of connection and deepens the bonds. It also includes finding Lost or Missing Animals and Animal Afterlife Communication.

It also involve the use of different energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, and other alternative healing techniques to address physical, emotional, and mental imbalances in animals. The goal is to help animals release blockages, alleviate pain, reduce stress, and restore balance in their body, mind, and spirit.

Practitioners of Animal Communication Healing Arts work with a variety of animals, including pets, farm animals, wildlife, and even marine life. They may work in conjunction with veterinarians and other animal health professionals to provide holistic and integrative care for animals.

Animal Communicators tap into the energy, frequencies, and vibrations unbound by space and time. Both healing art forms use different techniques learned through reputable Animal Communicators and Reiki Masters, like Susan J. Squittieri.

Susan has classes for students to re-awaken their innate telepathic and intuitive abilities. These classes enable students to energetically engage animals and open up a two-way telepathic and intuitive conversation. Susan also trains, attunes, and certifies Animal Reiki students and Reiki practitioners. She covers the energy balancing system, how it works, and how to give a treatment session. Every student learns the nuances of where both art forms complement conventional and holistic veterinary care.

Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, and Teacher, Susan J. Squittieri, teaches students both Animal Communication classes and Animal Reiki classes online and in her Valley Cottage, NY school, Two Bear Healing Arts. Susan is quick to note ethically; both forms of healing are not a substitute for traditional or holistic veterinary care.

Since 2006, Susan has trained students in Animal Communication and Animal Reiki techniques in helping family pets and homeless animals in animal care services.

Susan teaches throughout the year. It can be done long-distance, online, and in-person by appointment only.

Discover how Animal Communication can support you and your animal’s physical emotional, and spiritual health.

What to Expect from a Session?

Online, long-distance phone, or in-person sessions start with discovery from the animal’s perspective.

Pet Psychics connect telepathically. They introduce themselves and then ask for permission to offer support and guidance. When animals experience a psychic connection, they sense a compassionate listener and friend. This trusted bond opens up further discovery to find ways to help the animal heal. Thoughts, feelings, and imagery from the session get conveyed to the animal guardian or caregiver to help resolve and heal any challenges within the pet’s life.

How do people benefit from Animal Communication?

Speaking with an Animal Communicator can be helpful for many common problems with all kinds of animals, whether they are domestic, farm, exotic, or wildlife.

During a session, you can ask your animal companion questions about their health and happiness, learn how they are feeling and what they are thinking. You can also discover your animal’s view on life and their sense of purpose and understand the meaning of your relationship with them through their perspective.

People contact Susan to clarify food, health, and behavior concerns or talk with their animal directly and openly about health, illness, and end of life issues. Susan has worked alongside veterinarians to help them figure out, and at times, resolve health issues. You can also find out if your animal is mirroring your stress or illness, and any imbalances in your family dynamics and the home you live in.

How can an Animal Communicator help you and your animal?

Asking for help from an Animal Communicator like Susan can offer more than just physical solutions for your animal friend. Through Animal Communication and Susan’s healing support, you and your animal companion can experience a deeper connection and an overall sense of well-being.

In addition to practical information about your animal’s health and needs, a session with Susan can provide insights from your animal’s perspective into your own life and relationships. By understanding your animal’s purpose in your life and the dynamics of your relationship, you can address any imbalances and promote better health for both you and your animal companion.

At the heart and soul level, Susan can connect with your animals and provide guidance on their life purpose and why they have come into your life in particular.

It’s important to understand your animal’s role in your life and your role in theirs because relationship dynamics play a major role in health and dis-ease – both in animals and in humans. In Susan’s experience, many sessions focus on the relationships between everyone in the household.

Be sure to read the FAQS page to learn more about the process.

Why do clients call Susan to Communicate with their Animal Companions?

There are many reasons why people reach out to Susan for Animal Communication Healing Arts. Some may have tried traditional methods to address their animal’s health or behavioral issues without success, while others simply want to deepen their connection with their animal companions.

Your animals’ life, health, and happiness depend on your ability to understand their messages to you.

If you have grave concerns about your animal’s health or behavior, please consider Animal Communication Healing Arts before taking any drastic measures such as abandoning, surrendering, or euthanizing. It can save a life!

Clients call Susan when they need to find lost and missing animals, solve displaced aggression and behavior problems by first understanding the causes of the issues, and understand an animal’s emotional issues such as fear, anxiety, stress, aggression, depression, and grief, understand and support an animal with health issues, improve their animals dietary and nutritional needs, support an animal through changes in the environmental or family structure including moving, divorce, a new baby, a new animal, or periodic separations, improve relationships with human and non-human family members to foster harmony in the household, enhance daily enrichment, and learning and training*.

Clients also call Susan when they need to consider new caregiving practices during an animal’s illness or injury, decide on adoption based on an animal’s past experiences, current needs, and energetic compatibility with current family members, assist rescue animals with issues of abandonment, abuse, and neglect as they transition from shelter to home, and understand an animal’s needs in the death and dying process.

Susan also communicates with animals who are In Spirit, providing closure and comfort. Learn more about Susan’s Animal Afterlife Communication services.

* Animal Communication is not a substitute for behavior training and does not always solve behavioral problems. It can be an ideal way to support the process.

Working in Partnership with Animal Care Providers

Susan works in partnership with Veterinarians, Animal Therapists, Animal Behaviorists, Animal Trainers, Animal Welfare Societies, Rescues, and Shelters to assure the quality of life for all animals. Read more about Susan’s Giving Back program here.

Contact Susan or call 845.512.8389 to learn how Susan can work in partnership with your animal care provider to assure and improve the quality of life for all animals.

Pricing and Plans

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Susan offers her services via telephone nationwide andhouse callsin and around Valley Cottage, NY and surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut including Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Passaic, Bergen, Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield.

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Highly recommend

I had a wonderful experience with Two Bear Healing Arts. Susan helped me realize what my animals needed and it was amazing to feel her connection to them! My one pug mentioned he wanted night lights and we recognized that his vision had taken a turn for the worse. He kept showing her his big brown eyes and now I know why! If you want to feel closer to your pet, need help solving problems, or for any reason really, I would highly recommend consulting with Susan!

Kathleen A.

Forever Grateful

There are gifted people who see beyond the veil of physical; Susan is one of them. Susan came highly recommended to help me with an important decision with my foster dog, BEAR; Do I keep him or re-home him? She was able to communicate with Bear and share with me his feelings, my feelings, and an attitude prescription for me. It was an awakening, we kept Bear! He is fabulous. I needed to change. I am forever grateful to Susan and highly recommend her.

Yvonne G.

She’s Amazing

I spoke to Susan several times about my dogs and she’s always been very helpful. The thing I’m most grateful for is the help she gave with my dog’s health issue. She saw an issue with her thyroid that my vet didn’t see. I got the right supplements for my dog and sure enough… she lost weight and her anxiety went away! Whenever there’s an issue I can’t quite figure out, I call Susan.

JoAnn Finger

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

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