Discover Animal Communication

Discover Animal Communication.

Are you worried your animal is unhealthy, unhappy, in pain or is trying to tell you something? Is your veterinarian not sure what’s wrong?

If yes, then you need to call Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri

Discover Animal CommunicationAnimals are our loving friends, teachers, and guides. Though they don’t have the power of speech, they have so much to share with us.

Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri bridges the gap between people and their animal companions. She opens the door of understanding to support healing and deepen relationships.

Using her telepathic and intuitive abilities, Susan is able to talk directly with your animal companions and translate the information she receives.

Your animal gets a chance to express themselves in a new and important way and you have an opportunity to understand them like never before.

Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri gives your animal a voice!

During an animal communication session you can:

  • Ask your animal companion questions about their health and happiness
  • Learn how they are feeling and what they are thinking
  • Discover your animal’s views on life and their sense of purpose
  • Understand the meaning of your relationship with your animal through their perspective
  • Clarify food, health, and behavior concerns
  • Talk with your animal directly and openly about health, illness, and end of life issues
  • Find out if your animal is mirroring your stress or illness, and any imbalances in your family dynamics

Speaking with an Animal Communicator can be helpful for many common problems with all kinds of animals whether they are domestic, farm, exotic, or wildlife.

Susan also communicates with animals who are In Spirit, providing closure and comfort.  Learn more about Susan’s Animal Companion Grief Counseling services.

How Can an Animal Communicator Help You and Your Animal?

As you focus on your animal’s well-being through Animal Communication and Susan’s healing support, you’ll do more than simply fix a few physical health concerns. When you enter the process with an open mind and heart, you, your animal, and all beings in your home will benefit.

Yes, you’re calling an animal communicator to get information about your companion’s needs and feelings, but there’s a chance you’ll also learn something about yourself in the process.

A session will provide you with important practical information about physical pain and requests like “please take me for more walks in the park.”

And then, Susan will connect with your animal on the heart and soul level. During a session, you’ll come to understand more about your animal’s life purpose and why they have come into your life in particular.

It’s important to understand your animal’s role in your life and your role in theirs because relationship dynamics play a major role in health and dis-ease – both in animals and in humans. In Susan’s experience, many Animal Communication sessions focus on the relationships between everyone in the household.

Be sure to read the FAQS about Animal Communication page to learn more about the process.

When is the right time to contact an Animal Communicator?

Clients call Susan when they need to:

  • Find lost and missing animalslearn more about lost and missing animals services
  • Solve displaced aggression and behavior problems by first understanding the causes of the issues
  • Understand an animal’s emotional issues such as fear, anxiety, stress, aggression, depression, and grief
  • Understand and support an animal with health issues
  • Improve their animals dietary and nutritional needs
  • Support an animal through changes in the environmental or family structure including moving, divorce, a new baby, a new animal, or periodic separations
  • Improve relationships with human and non-human family members to foster harmony in the household
  • Enhance daily enrichment, and  learning and training*
  • Consider new care giving practices during an animal’s illness or injury
  • Decide on adoption based on an animal’s past experiences, current needs, and energetic compatibility with current family members
  • Assist rescue animals with issues of abandonment, abuse, and neglect as they transition from shelter to home
  • Understand an animal’s needs in the death and dying process

* Animal Communication is not a substitute for behavior training and does not always solve behavioral problems. It can be an ideal way to support the process.

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Susan offers her Animal Communication services via telephone nationwide and house calls in and around Nyack, NY and surrounding counties in NY, NJ, & CT.

These at-home services are provided in Nyack, NY and surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut including: Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Passaic, Bergen, Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield.

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