What is Animal Reiki Healing Arts?

Understanding Animal Reiki Healing Arts: Enhancing the Well-being of Our Beloved Animal Family Members and Friends

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Healing Arts stimulates the innate self-healing wisdom in dogs, cats, horses, and all other animal species through energy balancing.

It is a gentle and non-invasive practice that balances the life force energy within animals, addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of their being. By releasing imbalances that contribute to dis-ease, animals create an environment where self-healing can naturally occur.

At Two Bear Healing Arts, Animal Reiki sessions are conducted by Susan J. Squittieri, either in-person or through long-distance healing. Much like Reiki for humans, these sessions support animals who have experienced trauma or cannot attend in-person sessions due to distance. The beauty of Reiki is that it transcends time and space, allowing recipients to benefit from its healing energy no matter where they are in the world.

Like Animal Communication Healing Arts practitioners, Animal Reiki practitioners are passionate animal lovers who have studied under professionals like Susan J. Squittieri. Through a combination of in-person and online classes, students strengthen their inherent telepathic and intuitive abilities and meditation techniques. Practitioners learn to connect with animals on a deeper level, understanding their preferences, needs, desires, sense of humor, wisdom, and challenges they may be facing.

The distinguishing factor between these two healing arts lies in Animal Reiki practitioners’ initiation and attunement to the Reiki energy through a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki students delve into understanding the Reiki energy balancing system, its mechanisms, and the art of conducting a treatment session. On the other hand, Animal Communicator students reawaken their innate telepathic and intuitive abilities, enabling them to engage in energetic, two-way conversations with animals. Individuals possessing these extraordinary skills are also known as Pet Psychics, Animal Telepaths, and Pet Mediums.

Susan J. Squittieri, a Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, and Teacher, guides students through both Animal Reiki and Animal Communication classes, offered online and at her Two Bear Healing Arts school in Valley Cottage, NY. Susan emphasizes that, ethically, these healing practices are not substitutes for traditional or holistic veterinary care. Instead, Animal Reiki can be used alongside conventional healthcare methods, harmoniously enhancing overall healing outcomes without conflict.

Since 2006, Susan has been training students in Animal Reiki and Animal Communication techniques, empowering them to assist animal family members and homeless animals in various animal care services.

If you’re interested in learning Animal Reiki, Susan offers Animal Reiki Classes, specifically designed for both Reiki Practitioners and those new to Reiki, as well as Animal Communication classes throughout the year.

To experience the transformative healing energy of Animal Reiki, whether in-person or through distance sessions, contact Susan via telephone call. Susan will provide the utmost care and support for you and your animals.

Discover the Healing Benefits of Reiki for Animals.

Animal Reiki goes beyond traditional approaches, offering profound benefits encompassing various aspects of your animal’s health. Inducing relaxation responses, Animal Reiki catalyzes healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It alleviates pain, discomfort, nervousness, and stress, allowing the body to tap into its innate healing capabilities. Animal Reiki can complement acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and herbal therapies, and expedite recovery from surgery, injury, and illness. In addition, it can mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy and enhance overall behavior by reducing fear, anxiety, aggression, and depression.

The gentle and non-invasive nature of Animal Reiki resonates deeply with individuals seeking optimal well-being for their beloved animals. These sessions can restore trust, heal spirits, reignite a sense of purpose, and foster stronger bonds between humans and animals. During end-of-life stages, Animal Reiki provides comfort and support, facilitating a peaceful transition.

Why Choose Susan for Your Animal’s Reiki Healing Session? 

Susan offers Animal Reiki sessions both as single appointment sessions and as part of ongoing packages. With nationwide availability for distance phone sessions and in-person sessions at her location, and house calls in and around Valley Cottage, NY, Susan ensures accessibility and convenience for her clients.

Clients turn to Susan for Animal Reiki sessions in various situations, including emotional and behavioral issues, health and dietary concerns, trauma, illness or injury, pre and post-operative care, and family dynamics such as divorce, new additions, relocation, or the loss of a loved one, human or animal. Animal Reiki is equally valuable for preventative and maintenance care.

Susan’s expertise in Reiki extends to supporting animals during the birthing process, accompanying them through veterinary visits or grooming sessions, easing their time at kennels, providing comfort during inclement weather or travel, enhancing learning and training experiences, and offering loving support during the end-of-life journey.

Compassionate Support for Animals with Terminal Illness

Acknowledging the circumstances surrounding animals diagnosed with terminal illnesses, Susan extends her heartfelt care through discounted session fees for Animal Reiki. Whether you opt for a gentle phone session or seek solace in the comfort of your home through a compassionate house call, Susan is committed to providing support and ensuring the well-being of your cherished companion during this emotionally challenging period.

In all terminal Animal Reiki sessions, Susan incorporates Animal Communication, enabling your animal to express their needs, desires, and emotions—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This profound connection assists both you and your animal navigate the dying process with grace and understanding.

Contact Susan or call 845.512.8389 to learn how you can create a soothing environment for your animal during their transition.

Experience the Transformative Healing Energy of Animal Reiki

Whether in-person or through distance sessions, contact Susan to schedule an appointment via phone call. Susan will provide the utmost care and support for you and your beloved animals.

Discover the details of Animal Reiki pricing and plans and secure your session today. Susan offers her Animal Reiki services via phone nationwide. She provides house calls in and around Valley Cottage, NY, as well as surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Passaic, Bergen, Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield.

What Susan's CLIENTS are Saying

Kind words and praise.

Less anxious and more trusting

Very calm and patient, Susan truly has a gift when it comes to animals. A dog named Sally that I had adopted from a local shelter 5 months prior to our session was still having a difficult time adjusting to her new home with me. Susan helped to communicate Sally’s needs to me and was able to help her to feel more comfortable. Susan also did 3 distant Animal Reiki sessions. Since then, Sally has become less anxious and is more trusting of me. Outstanding work and I would highly recommend Susan.

Karen W.

Philadelphia, PA

Behavioral Improvements

I have to laugh at how excited Tonka gets when Susan arrives. He literally throws himself at her and lays on her lap, well half on her lap. It’s like he knows she is there to make him feel better. Tonka has had several sessions and I do see improvements with his behavior. I recommend Susan, she is a natural with animals.

Vicki J.

Pearl River, NY

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