Hire an Animal Communicator or Psychic Intutive

Hiring an Animal Communicator or Psychic Intuitive for private parties and events is a mind-opening experience!

Private parties can be so much fun, especially if you and your friends love reading your horoscopes and wonder about what the future holds for you. It’s time to go deeper and book a party with psychic intuitive Susan J. Squittieri!

For the animal lovers in your circle, an Animal Communication party is a chance to learn more about what their beloved companions are thinking or to connect with a companion animal who has passed over.

Invite Susan to appear at your upcoming party or event to make it even more special. Whatever it may be, it will be an unforgettable occasion when guests experience short, private animal communication or psychic intuitive reading sessions.

To view Susan’s upcoming special events that are scheduled for the public, please visit the Events Calendar

Three Ways to Party

Here are some ideas: host a special event at your home, barn, organization, celebration, or business.  Ask Susan which is right for you.

One – Plan an Animal Communication or Psychic Intuitive Reading Party

If you want to connect with the animal you love or gain more clarity and insight about your past, present, and future? Make it a party!

Eight guests make it a party… And, as the host, your reading is FREE!

Invite everyone to gather and enjoy your hospitality. Each guest will have an opportunity to experience a 15-minute private reading in a separate, quiet space.

If you like, Susan can open the event by talking about Animal Communication and/or Psychic Intuitive readings and answer some questions before she begins the private sessions.

As host, you will schedule each guest’s reading. Susan can be available over several hours and people can drop by according to their appointment time. Many hosts invite their friends to come early and stay a while to socialize.

Two – Add that “something special” to your upcoming event

“Just another party” becomes an event to remember when you hire Susan to perform Animal Communication or Psychic Intuitive Readings for your guests.

While you and your guests celebrate, individuals are invited to sit with Susan for private 15-minute sessions.

Susan can perform readings at all kinds of venues.  The possibilities are endless.

Contact Susan for hosting policy and details and to book your party or event. Her weekends fill up, so please plan ahead!

Three – Invite Susan to your Fundraising Event

Susan participates in guest speaking events and raising money for local animal shelters, rescue organizations, and wildlife rehabilitation centers. She also participates in virtual online fundraisers nationwide.

Contact Susan to discuss how to create a fun event that benefits your community. Her weekends fill up, so please plan ahead!

Hostess Rewards

Earn rewards by having a fun and mind opening experience. Encourage your guests to bring a friend.  The more people you bring together, the more time you earn.

Eight guests make it a party… And, as the host, you receive a 30-Minute reading FREE! More guests equals more minutes.

Get the party started

Contact Susan to create a fun and rewarding experience tailored to you and your guests.

Susan participates in Animal Communication and Psychic Intuitive private parties, events, and fundraising events in Nyack, NY and surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut including: Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster, Passaic, Bergen, Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield.