Animal Reiki Client & Student Testimonials

Animal Reiki Client & Student TestimonialsWith Much Love and Gratitude

Thank you so very much for the kind words and generous support you have been giving me. I am very grateful! I love what I do and it brings me great joy and happiness to know that I have made a positive difference in your lives.


Much love and appreciation,

Kind Words of Animal Reiki Clients

My dog Jasper absolutely loves his Reiki sessions with Susan. The energy calms his anxiety and puts him at ease.


Patricia R. Rockland County, NY

I have to laugh at how excited Tonka gets when Susan arrives. He literally throws himself at her and lays on her lap, well half on her lap. It’s like he knows she is there to make him feel better. Tonka has had several sessions and I do see improvements with his behavior. I recommend Susan, she is a natural with animals.


Vicki J., Pearl River, NY

Very calm and patient, Susan truly has a gift when it comes to animals. A dog named Sally that I had adopted from a local shelter 5 months prior to our session was still having a difficult time adjusting to her new home with me. Susan helped to communicate Sally’s needs to me and was able to help her to feel more comfortable. Susan also did 3 distant Animal Reiki sessions. Since then, Sally has become less anxious and is more trusting of me. Outstanding work and I would highly recommend Susan.


Karen W., Philadelphia, PA

We came upon some literature on Susan and Two Bear Herbs. We had Susan see one of our beautiful cats when he became terminally ill. We did so figuring what could we lose. However, what we gained was both very helpful and comforting to us. We have always been open minded but never anticipated that through the use of her gift of Animal Communication we have added a new dimension of our understanding of reality. We were amazed at the things Susan communicated to us through our baby. She relayed so much that there was absolutely no way she could have known and has helped us through the grieving process of having now lost him. Reiki is a wonderful energy healing practice and her gift of being so in tune with it is a blessing that we are so happy to have had and will continue to have her be apart of our lives with our beloved animals. Thank you so much again Susan and we really do look forward to our future experiences with you. Bob went on about his wonderful conversation with you. You really are so centered and a genuine soul that is to help people like us and our most precious treasured animals.


Always our best.
Judith L. & Bob C., Teaneck, NJ

Susan’s intuitive understanding of energy and her ability to connect with animals is quite remarkable. I would recommend her to those individuals who are interested in getting to know their animals on a deeper level.


Mary M. Rockland County, NY

Susan is a very powerful Reiki healer as well as a talented animal communicator. I can always feel the Reiki energy very strongly as soon as Susan starts the session. Both of my dogs and myself go to Susan for Reiki and my dogs have communicated with Susan as well. My dogs look forward to sessions with Susan and back into her hands for the Reiki energy. One session my dog Tyra had her session before mine and decided that she enjoyed the Reiki energy so much she wanted to be a part of MY session too! She tried to jump up on the Reiki table until Susan helped her up. Then she just laid on top of me and soaked up all the beautiful Reiki energy! We both thank you Susan!


Liana M. & Tyra Barks., Northern New Jersey

My dog Benjamin is not the kind of animal who warms up easily to strangers but, with Susan he purrs like a kitten in her hands. I contacted Susan because Benny was having separation anxiety. After a series of Animal Communication and Reiki sessions we were able to resolve his issues so that he is much more content in my absence. I’m so grateful for using Susan’s gifts and following her guidance. It took time and was worth it! If I did not call her, I would have had to put him on anti-anxiety medication. Thank you, we are both much happier : )


L.S., Orangeburg, NY

Kind Words of Animal Reiki Students

Susan is an effective, charismatic, dynamic teacher who can make Animal Reiki easy to understand! Her humor and good nature are contagious and make her classes fun. She is able to create a nurturing, energized environment which aids each student in connecting with each other. I highly recommend her classes!


Eileen D., White Plains, NY

“I recently participated in Susan’s “Animal Reiki For Reiki Practitioners” class. The material was comprehensive and well researched. Not only is Susan a delight to spend time with, but she is a professional committed to giving her students a quality program. I came away feeling I was more than prepared to step out in the world of Animal Reiki. This class exceeded my expectations and I feel safe in saying any one of her classes will meet the same excellent standard.”


Cathy H., New York State

I took Reiki I, II and III with Animal Reiki Training from Susan. I could have switched it up and taken a level with a different reiki master at any point, but I can’t imagine a kinder, more generous, knowledgeable teacher than Susan exists on the planet. She truly is amazing.


Jenny S., Brooklyn, NY

Hi Susan, thank you for such an amazing experience taking your class. It was everything I hoped for and more. You are just so kind, patient and generous in sharing your knowledge. I look forward to taking your class Animal Reiki for practitioners as I feel that animals are also on my personal path in helping to heal others.


With much love and gratitude,
Jaimi T., Monroe, NY

Hi Susan, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Saturday’s Animal Reiki class. It was one of the best and most informative Reiki classes I’ve ever taken. I also appreciated the information you and Laura shared with me after the class ended. Take care and have a great week! Best,


Patti K., New York State

I was Susan’s student for her Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners and Master Certification courses with an emphasis in Animal Reiki training. Susan is a very thorough teacher who is very knowledgeable and experienced in her subject matter. She brought much compassion and caring to each student as she made sure that each of us learned each aspect of her curriculum before moving on to the next one.


Jo Anne L., Manhattan, NY

Thank you so much for being my guide in Animal Reiki. I do not think I know a person who on the one hand is so knowledgeable about what she is doing and on the other hand makes the material so accessible. I just find you a very amazing human being.


Warmly, Karin F., Manhattan, NY

Hi Susan! I just want to say how grateful I am to have you as my Reiki teacher! I’ve learned so much! Not only about the world around me and the healing powers of the Universe but I have learned so much about myself and my abilities. My focus definitely started with wanting to help and heal animals but I’m realizing that I love helping and healing people. I do believe that Reiki has helped me find compassion in people. Something that I need! When I receive validation from people I’ve done Reiki on and feeling the difference in energy it truly gives me confidence in moving forward. For years my cat Skippy has suffered with ear infections. Recently my father said they’ve cleared up. I believe it’s due to the Reiki I send her. Eventually I want to make this my life’s work. I just need courage in taking that first step in getting my name out there. I am so excited to continue my healing path with myself, others and animals. Thank you so much! 🙂


Amy W., Connecticut

Susan is an amazing teacher! The class was wonderful! Your warmth and devotion to the practice of Reiki is an inspiration. I am so grateful to have found you and filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to have trained under you. I look forward to taking the next level of Animal Reiki with you. Thank you for helping me begin this wonderful journey!


Miriam B., Orange County, NY

I have taken two classes with Susan: Animal Reiki Level 1 and Level 2. The classes are small, so you get all the attention you need. They are held in Susan’s home, so the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. I received a manual which we went over in class page by page, any questions we had were answered, and we practiced giving Reiki. My dog was invited to class also! Susan has an energetic personality, a good sense of humor and is passionate about the subjects she teaches. This makes learning enjoyable. Susan also remains your teacher after the class is over. Anytime you have a question or need feedback, you can contact her. Thanks to Susan, Reiki is a part of my everyday life. She is a wonderful teacher.


Susan P., Mahwah, NJ

Susan is a fabulous teacher who is patient and thorough. She shares her own experiences which help bring clarity to the material she is presenting. You can tell that this is her passion as her enthusiasm shines through. Probably the best thing about having Susan for a teacher is that she continues to be available afterward when questions come up and situations arise that that you couldn’t have thought of in the “what if” sense. Susan wants her students to succeed  and goes out of her way to help them to do so…


Allison Solimine., Wayne, NJ

I had been looking locally for a Reiki Master to help me develop my Reiki, and saw Susan’s website. Susan is methodical and thorough in her presentation. She is also highly intuitive in her approach. I took Reiki I with Animal Reiki Training and enjoyed it. I look forward to level 2 in 2016 so that my ability to help both animals and humans with Reiki will be more developed.


Gary B., Fairlawn, NJ