Finding Lost Animals: How Animal Communicators Assist in Locating Missing Animals

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Losing a beloved pet can be a heart-wrenching experience for any pet owner. The emotional distress and sense of helplessness can be overwhelming. However, in recent years, an unconventional approach known as animal communication has gained recognition for its ability to assist in finding missing animals. This article will explore how animal communicators harness their unique skills to connect with lost pets and provide valuable assistance to distraught pet owners.

Understanding the Power of Animal Communication:

Animal communication is a fascinating phenomenon that relies on the energetic transference of information, commonly known as telepathy. Telepathy is defined as the ability to see into someone else’s mind, feel their emotions, or communicate with them mentally without using words or physical signals. It is a form of “distance feeling,” combining the concepts of hearing over a distance (tele) and feeling someone else’s emotions or energies (empathy). Telepathic communication occurs in our everyday lives, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Have you ever thought of a friend and then they contacted you moments later? Or have you sensed the emotions of a stranger from across the room? These experiences are examples of our innate ability to feel and hear each other over a distance, often called the sixth sense. Animals, too, engage in constant attempts to communicate with us. They want to convey their concerns, share their physical discomforts, recount their experiences, express their happiness, and provide insights on improving their lives and enhancing their well-being. Animals have their own secret lives, thoughts, feelings, and wisdom. They possess knowledge beyond our comprehension and perceive realities hidden from our senses.

The Role of Animal Communication in Finding Lost Animals:

Animal communication can be a powerful tool for locating missing pets. Animal communicators use their telepathic abilities to connect with the lost animal, regardless of physical distance. Through this connection, they can gather valuable information about the animal’s whereabouts, emotions, and experiences. This unique insight can provide vital clues and guidance to pet owners and search teams, significantly increasing the chances of finding the missing animal. Here’s a simple breakdown if you need clarification and are curious about how animal communicators or pet psychics work. Animal communicators possess a heightened intuition and the ability to tap into an animal’s frequencies using various techniques known as the seven clairs. These clairs, including clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairolfaction (clear smelling), clairgustation (clear tasting), and clairtangency (clear touching), allow them to establish a connection with animals on a deeper level. Animals, lacking a common verbal language with humans, often rely on the animal communicator to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. An animal communicator is an intermediary, bridging the communication gap between the lost animal and its human family. By reaching out, the animal communicator can establish a conversation and receive valuable insights about the animal’s whereabouts, well-being, and state of mind.

The Importance of Collaboration:

While animal communication plays a significant role in finding lost animals, collaboration is vital to success. Animal communicators often work with animal owners, animal shelters and rescue organizations, veterinarians, and concerned community members. Combining their intuitive insights with traditional search methods, such as distributing flyers, conducting searches via lost pet detectives or rescue and recovery groups, and utilizing social media, enhances the chances of reuniting lost pets with their owners. The collective effort and shared expertise contribute to a comprehensive and coordinated search operation.

Tips for reaching out to Animal Communication:

If you find yourself in the distressing situation of a missing pet, consider the following tips for utilizing animal communication effectively:

Gather Information:

Provide the animal communicator with as much information as possible about your missing pet, including their physical description, last known location, and identifiable traits or behaviors. But remember, not all professional animal communicators work the same way. They have similar methods but there are subtle differences. For example, some need the information you wrote.  There are also, like Susan, that do not prefer to know too much information. Like information about the person, animal, family network and dynamics or the environment they live or the land that surrounds their home. Reason being, they don’t want any preconceived ideas and want to come as sincere and genuine in their work.

Find Reputable Animal Communicators:

Research and select a reputable animal communicator with a successful case record. Look for testimonials and recommendations from other pet owners who have benefited from their services.

Maintain Open Communication:

Regularly contact the animal communicator throughout the search process so they can share any updates or changes in circumstances. This ongoing collaboration ensures the animal communicator provides the most up-to-date information to guide the lost pet parents with search and recovery efforts.


Losing a pet is a distressing experience, but with the assistance of animal communicators, hope can be restored. Animal communication offers a unique way to connect with lost animals, providing crucial insights that aid in their safe return. By embracing collaboration and combining animal communication with traditional search methods, family members increase their chances of finding their missing animal companions. If you find yourself in such a situation, consider reaching out to an experienced animal communicator who can provide invaluable assistance during this challenging time. Remember, there is hope, and with the help of animal communication, lost pets can be found. Looking for a lost pet? Contact Susan J. Squittieri, a gifted telepathic communicator specializing in locating missing animals. With over 19 years of experience, Susan offers unique insights and guidance to help reunite you with your beloved companion. Find hope and bring your pet home by scheduling a session with Susan today. A 75-Minute Lost and Missing Animal Session with Susan has the potential to provide valuable information that could lead to your animal’s recovery.


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